Danelectro Fab Fuzz Purple
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Danelectro are a company that have been around for decades, here they present a Fuzz guitar effects pedal - The Danelectro FAB-D7 Fuzz pedal as part of their Danelectro FAB effects pedal range, the FAB D-7 Fuzz pedal is a cool-looking 1950's retro styled effects pedal providing that genuine "Fuzz-Box" sound and character. The metallic purple die-cast chassis has 3 simple control parameters plus  a sturdy rubber on/off stomp switch ...

The controls on the Danelectro FAB D-7 Fuzz pedal are Volume - to match the required effects volume with your untreated signal, Fuzz - which varies the amount of Fuzz available from a light crunch through to a saturated Fuzz effect, and finally Tone - to allow the user to dial-in their tonal sweetspot and perhaps thicken the sound of the Fuzz effect ...

The Danelectro FAB D-7 Fuzz pedal can emulate both traditional 1960's style fuzz effect through to the more modern contemporary Fuzz sounds and is a versatile and affordable addition to any guitar or bass player's range of effects pedals.

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