Danelectro FAB-8 600 Ms Guitar Delay
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Danelectro have been around as a company for over 40 years and their range of guitar and bass effects are fun, effective and affordable - Take the Danelectro FAB-8 600 Ms Guitar Delay Effects Pedal, this cool retro looking effects pedal has 50's Americana styling on a small, metallic gold,die cast chassis and has just 3 simple control parameters with Time, Delay and Repeat being the configurable controls ..

The Danelectro FAB-8 Delay pedal runs on a single 9 volt battery, but can also be powered by a 9 volt AC power adapter such as a Dunlop ECB03, DC Brick, PS-9, or a Danelectro "Battery Eliminator".  If you use a battery, it is suggested that you unplug the INPUT cable in order to open the circuit when the pedal is not in use to prevent unintended battery discharge, and maximize battery life .  The battery is accessed by removing the bottom cover on the pedal, to expose the circuit board and the battery connector. The FAB-8 pedal is in the "play through" mode until you press the switch, to turn the circuit ON.  The blue LED will light up to let you know the pedal is ON.

The basic control functions of the Danelectro Fab-8 Guitar Delay Effects Pedal are as follows :-

REPEAT Knob:  This knob sets the delay repeats when the pedal is ON. At the fully counter-clockwise position there will be one repeat of a played note.  At the maximum, fully clockwise position there will be multiple repeats that slowly fade out in amplitude.

TIME Knob:  This knob sets the delay time from 80 to 600 milliseconds, when the pedal is ON.

DELAY Knob:  Sets the level of the delayed signal when the pedal is ON.  Fully clockwise gives the maximum amount of delay signal.  At fully counter-clockwise, there is no signal delay at all.

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